tapping into the inner strength needed to deal with chronic pain, allowing for a happier, more functional, and spiritually connected life. Her guidance throughout my practice re-awakened the teacher within me, and inspired me to pursue teaching certification.

I completed Esther’s teacher training course in the summer of 2013, and am currently studying to become a certified Yoga Therapist. 

I currently teach in my home studio in Efrat, as well as the local Matnas gym, and Day Center for people with cognitive decline in Efrat. In addition to group classes, I teach privately, for both individuals and small groups, in my studio or in people's home or workplace.


I am excited and eager to share with others the hidden strength and calm which resides in each and every one of us.

About me


My yoga journey began in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, under the expert guidance of JoAnne Aboussaouan at Cleveland Yoga in the summer of 2011. It has been an amazing, transformational experience since day one on my mat. It was there that I began to tap into the healing process that becomes possible when we connect our body, mind, and breath.


Upon my return to Israel, I found my "yoga home" in the warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment of Esther Elfassi's yoga studio.  Esther's incorporation of Torah with a healing yoga practice awakened within me the spiritual aspect of my journey of healing. Through daily yoga practice, and immersion in the world of Torah, I’ve begun