Yoga with a Torah Twist


​Women's Classes

“Ariella is a fantastic teacher who introduced me to the wonderful world of yoga. In our classes, she taught me the basics and encouraged me to push myself, all the while ensuring that I felt comfortable and confident. She is calm, attentive, and patient, and was happy to customize the lessons to my needs. I highly recommend Ariella!”



“Doing Yoga with Ariella is a really incredible experience. Having done yoga at various points in my life with different teachers, I can really say that Ariella can TEACH. There's something special about someone who can really explain in such a clear way how to visualize and understand a certain pose or breathing technique. It's really important for me since I deal with chronic pain. The level of the class was spot on and challenging in all the right ways. I also feel very comfortable with her and felt so rejuvenated afterwards.”    



“I really enjoyed your class and being with you. For the first time in weeks, my back doesn’t hurt when I stretch out in bed to go to sleep.”



Kids Classes

"Ariella perfectly combines storytelling, imagination, and physical fun with an introduction to yoga poses. The way she engages the children in their minds and their bodies is beautiful to watch!"



"Ariella's children's yoga class in the highlight of my kids' week. She manages to have the children completely engaged, using their imaginations, going on wild adventures, while teaching them how to stretch their bodies, let out their energy, and learn a wide variety of yoga poses. As a mother it was a real treat attending the class and watching my children gain confidence in body and spirit."